Sleep, the final frontier…

…For me, anyway.  As I have said previously, I am a work in progress.  Well, aren’t we all?

After a lot of time and work, and a whole lot of giving myself grace, I have made some improvements.  I drink enough water.  I do regular exercise that I enjoy and makes me feel healthy, strong and happy.  I have learned to trust my body to eat what I need and how much to eat.  I generally eat unprocessed whole foods.  Don’t get me wrong, I can do better on all these, but I feel like I have made a few improvements that I am currently happy with.

But man, do I feel rested?  Never!  I just struggle so much with getting to sleep.  I am a stay-at-home mum to two young kids.  My husband works all day.  I don’t have family around to help out with the kids at all.  By the time my husband gets home from work and we go through the dinner-bath-bedtime story routine, he and I just want to sit and hang out on the sofa, mostly with a Netflix show.  And there we stay, until waaaaay too late.  “Just one more episode” we say, despite our heavy eyelids. 

I am sure we are not alone in this.  We trade-off quality and duration of sleep for poor-quality time together watching tv shows.  And we always regret it.  We feel tired when we wake up, tired mid-morning, tired mid-afternoon.  It contributes to me not being productive, to being impatient with my kids, and not being present with them and my husband.  

So, with the help of my fellow coaching friend, I have made an action plan to try to increase the amount and quality of sleep I get.

— Enjoy my daily caffeine before noon

— Make time to stop watching our TV show (either decide how many episodes/set an alarm for when to stop watching) – about 9pm.

— Bedtime routine – brush teeth etc, get into pyjamas.

— Spend 10 minutes together doing a guided meditation – we like the Calm app (not an ad).

— Be in bed with lights out by 10 pm.

These are my first steps.  When we have this in our routine I hope to add a few more things:

— Maybe using blue light filter glasses if working/using tech in the evenings.

— Reading a book or playing a board game instead of watching TV


— Ensuring my toddler sleeps through the night.  Ha!

Emma Senanayake

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