About me

I am a wife, a mother to two young children, and previously was a medical doctor specialising in psychiatry.  Coaching created a paradigm shift in my life and I realise that I have a unique opportunity to leverage my clinical background to supercharge the coaching experience and facilitate unparalleled breakthroughs for my clients. 

Various therapies over the years were beneficial to me, yet there still remained areas in my life where I felt dissatisfied and out of control.  Finally, I sought out coaching, and it was a game-changer.  Coaching enabled me to make meaningful and lasting change in my mindset and habits, without it feeling like a lot of work.

I now support high-achieving women all over the world in making changes in any area of life where they feel like they are not maximising their potential.  I work in a targeted way to help my clients be different without having to think or try too hard to do so.

My story

How did I come to be a life and health coach helping high-achieving women live their lives intuitively, and develop an intuitive relationship with food?

I struggled with body image issues for 30 years, and developed a diet mentality from about the age of 6…needless to say this did not make for a very happy childhood, teenage years or the couple of decades following that!  I spent years stuck in the endless cycle of restricting food, feeling miserable, bingeing, then punishing myself by restricting food again or over-exercising, or making promises to myself I could never keep.  I had related significant anxiety and panic disorder.  This just became utterly exhausting, physically, mentally and emotionally.  I thought this was just me, how I was, that I was destined to just be that person who was always a bit miserable in herself.

As a fairly high-achieving professional, it didn’t sit comfortably that there was a secret me – I thought colleagues and friends just wouldn’t believe me if they knew the truth.  I was a medical doctor specialising in psychiatry.  I had tonnes of experience working with people with depression, anxiety, body image problems, low self-esteem, eating disorders etc.  Surely I couldn’t still have these problems myself?  Surely I should be able to fix myself?  I had various therapies over the years – CBT, psychodynamic psychotherapy – I did various self-help programmes and exercise programmes.  Some of these may have helped me to understand a little of WHY I had the problems I did, and some may have made some temporary improvement, but nothing was ever sustainable, and I always found myself back in my miserable relationship with food and my body.

When I had children I felt like I really wanted to break free of the hold that food and body-image concerns had over me.  I did not want to pass on my insecurities to my children, and I realised that I was WASTING SO MUCH TIME AND ENERGY on these punishing thoughts and preoccupation with food. 

This was actually quite a sad and profound realisation, and I wondered if it was actually possible for me to change after all these years in the same negative pattern.

In a last-ditch attempt, I hired a coach who took me through a 6-month programme focusing on Intuitive Eating.  This was one of the best investments I ever made and it truly changed my life.  Things gradually shifted in my thoughts and perspectives, leading to little changes in how I viewed myself, my body and food.  My inner critic is quieter, and less harsh, which I have to say is like a breath of fresh air.  I am still working on things, but my thoughts just feel so much LIGHTER, and that makes everything else just seems a little better.  I am less preoccupied with food and negative self-talk which means I am more productive in other areas of life.  I am more present with my children, get more done around the house and in my business.  I can enjoy things more because I don’t worry so much what other people are thinking of me so I can just focus on what I am experiencing.

I KNOW that it is never too late for things to change.  I had three decades of thinking the same way and that has shifted, and it just feels GOOD!  There are so many professional women like me who hold these dark secrets in their lives, thinking no one could be the same, no one would believe it, or no one would want to know them if they did.  Are you that woman?  Caught in a cycle of shame you think can never change?  I was like that, and I want to help you experience the same transformation that I did.  So you can have more energy, feel lighter in your thoughts, begin to enjoy your relationship with your body and food, and start to enjoy life again.

If that sounds like something you would like to experience, then sign up for a free discovery session to explore how coaching can help you to feel free from this cycle of shame, punishment, unproductiveness and lack of pleasure.   I can’t wait to talk with you and discover how you can transform your thoughts to start living the life you can only hope of right now.