Hana E.

“When I first started coaching I was in a very dark place mentally and I was very unhappy with how I was living my life. I knew what I needed to do but somehow couldn’t find a way to do it.  My mental health was suffering, my relationship with my son was suffering and I felt like I was completely overwhelmed.   I wanted to change the habits which didn’t serve me and bring in new habits which do.  I wanted to improve my mental health, establish a good daily routine, eat better, be more active and get more organised. 

Since starting coaching I feel like things are going really well.  I haven’t done anything drastic but I feel like a completely different person.  Without having to try too hard things are a lot better which motivates me to do more, making me feel more hopeful for what I want to achieve in the future.

I have never had this level of consistency before.  My mindset has shifted and I don’t dwell on negatives so much and have a more positive outlook.  I know that by building in new things slowly I can remain consistent.  

I feel infinitely better now than 3 months ago!  I have a new morning routine and I am making healthier food choices.  My organisation is much better than it was and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted.  I used to be awful with money, but now I am amazing with money!

Emma was non-judgemental, very encouraging and always managed to help me see the positives. 

Coaching has helped me to reflect on a regular basis on my progress and keep setting little goals in order to continue moving forward. 

I feel really happy right now because I am moving in the right direction and taking control.  I am excited for the next few months and the changes that will come!

I would absolutely recommend coaching with Emma – just to give it a chance and be open minded!”

Swapna H.

“I started a 90-day programme with Emma after hitting a bit of a rut in my career.  I’d lost confidence and I was also struggling with my relationship food.  

Emma helped me to look at what was important to me and set weekly, manageable action steps to get me on the road to a more confident me.  I am now able to make kinder, more positive decisions about myself.  I have learnt steps that have helped me address my overeating and unhealthy habits and easy techniques I can take forward in life.  My confidence in my work has returned and Emma’s advice on viewing my choices with less judgement has helped me to seek out new opportunities.  Being kind to myself doesn’t necessarily mean massive change.  It is possible to have big improvement that is long-lasting with small changes.

Emma was supportive and encouraging and I always looked forward to our weekly session.  She helped me to look at my life in a more holistic way and this programme with her has been an incredible journey that has resulted in positive change in my life.  Under her guidance, I have been able to transform my life for the better and I can’t thank Emma enough for all she has done for me.”